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w/c 23.9.22

SPAG Homework

This week we have been building on what we did last week with relative and subordinate clauses and also exploring how to use colons to introduce ideas or lists.  For your homework we would like you to conitnue practising this skill. 

Below you will find three different tasks, which should get progressively more challenging. Get as far through them as you are able.


Task 1 - clauses

Write out the main clause in each sentence below. One has been identified for you.


  1. Lucy enjoyed playing football, especially when James asked her to take part.
  2. When she was standing next to her brother, Anita looked very tall.
  3. Even though he had little patience, Robert enjoyed chess.
  4. Sue's football skills were good although she had not been playing for long.
  5. They finished the walk, which seemed never-ending.
  6. My sister, who is very annoying, is older than me.
  7. Sports day was cancelled because it was raining heavily.
  8. The sofa, which is old and worn, is the cat's favourite place to sleep.
  9. When I arrived, everyone else was already there.


Task 2 - colons

Where should the colons go in these sentences? Write them out accurately in your homework book.


a. The waves crashed violently against the shore it had whipped up a frenzy of sea foam.

b. The volcano was dangerous it had erupted many times before.

c. Heavily my eyelids began to close it was time to go to bed.

d. Sloths are extremely slow they take hours to cross the smallest of distances.

e. Medusa was an appalling monster she killed people by turning them to stone.


Task 3 - put it all together!

Now, can you write a short, three sentence paragraph which puts together all of these elements (just like we did in class on Thursday). Include a main clause, a colon sentence and then a sentence which includes a subordinate clause.



The piercing wail of the air raid siren rang out across the busy streets. It could only mean one thing: danger. Hastily, I ran to the nearest shelter, even though a part of me wanted to stay and watch.

We all know how important timestables are, so for homework this week we have set a battle between both Year 6 classes. Get rockin'!

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