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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.



Today we would like you to complete a drawing music activity. Yesterday during your theme lesson, you listened to a piece of music and drew the image that came to your mind when you heard it. Today we would like you to choose your favourite piece of music that makes you happy. This might be something from the Greatest Showman, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran or Disney, anything you like! While you are listening to this song we want you to draw the image that comes into your head, what the song makes you think of and how it makes you feel. Happy listening!


For our 9am session this morning we will be sharing and editing our setting description of Next Door’s garden. Please bring your completed setting description with you to this session.


You need to complete the tasks below for your relevant level. You must focus on explaining why and how language takes that effect on the reader.


Today we will be learning about converting units of time. Please watch the video on the Video Resource Centre if you were unable to watch it yesterday and complete the task below at your relevant level.


Our spelling words this week end in ‘ably’ and ‘ibly’. Today you need to write your spelling words into a sentence.


For our theme work today we would like you to conduct a scientific investigation into which material provides the most friction. This information will then help provide an insight into which materials could be used for our space vehicles.

Number Magic

You need to complete your relevant level for Number Magic. If you want to challenge yourself, try completing the next level instead.


For handwriting this week we have been working on our spelling words and ensuring that we form our letters properly. Today we would like you to create sentences for the pictures in the activity below, continuing to focus on your letter formation.

Class Novel Reading

Click the link below to listen to Mr Mason reading our class novel, George's Secret Key to the Universe.

Friday Reading.mp3

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