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Spring 2 Master Chef - Food of the gods - Greek Taverna and Workshop

Greek Taverna

After tasting authentic Greek food, the children set about designing their own delectable dishes. Using ingredients which they felt represented the characters of their chosen Greek god or goddess, children peeled, diced, sliced, grilled, cooked and expertly arranged them on their plates.  At our Greek taverna parents got the chance to taste their child’s culinary creation, test their own knowledge of Ancient Greece by answering Greek quizzes the children had devised on PowerPoint and read character and setting descriptions of the Greek gods and goddesses and the realms in which they resided. A great afternoon was had by all!

Greek Workshop

To finish our Greek theme, we welcomed a Greek god into the Year 5 classrooms.  He talked to the children about the lives of the Ancient Greeks and how they introduced democracy to the world. Children took to the stage and acted out some famous Greek myths and ended the day with a Big Greek Quiz!  We were impressed not only  with the insightful questions the children asked our guest, but also with their own knowledgeable responses to the questions that were put to them. Well done, Year 5.

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