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Seeing as it is the final week of home learning, the reading tasks this week are a little different to usual. You have all been allocated a book on Bug Club:


Yellow: Animal Crackers

Green: City Shapes and Other Poems

Orange: All Gone!

Turquoise: Where, Oh Where, is Mrs Brown?

Purple: Doctor, Doctor!

Gold: Snow White – The Hex Factor

White: Wallace and Gromit – The Weatherman

Lime: Wallace and Gromit – A Runaway Success


This week you don’t have a follow up task to complete for your Bug Club text, but make sure that you practice reading it, adding expression to your voice and taking note of punctuation. You should also make sure that you complete the bug activities as you go along. 


Your reading task this week requires you to choose your favourite book that we have read in Whole Class Reading in Year 2. We would then like you to create a poster all about your chosen book and give your opinions about it. We would absolutely love to see your creations and are intrigued to learn what your favourite book was! Be sure to ask an adult to email us a picture of your poster! 


You also have a reading comprehension to complete, which this week, is all about bees!


Happy reading!


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