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Monday 18th January 2021


This week we are changing our theme in Maths - we are going to do lots of work involving Money. 

It is really important that you can recognise all the different coins and can build different amounts from them. 

Ask your parents to set up some practical activities like the ones in the slide show below, as this will help.


Watch today's lesson video from the Video Resource Centre, Maths Money 1 remember to pause it when asked and complete the tasks. 


Then have a go at your chosen task. Make sure you complete the task that gives you a challenge. 


Practical fun maths activity - Money

Whole Class Reading

Today we need you to complete a reading comprehension based around a poem called 'Snowflake'. Don't worry we will return to the Ice Palace!

Read the poem first, at least twice - a dictionary (Online (see link below) or otherwise might be a useful tool to have available).

There are three levels of task - choose the one that best suits your reading ability. 

Poem - Snowflake

Number Magic

This week we have added multiplication questions that you will need to solve using the grid method.  You should continue to solve the addition and subtraction questions using the expanded column method.

Theme Poetry

Now that you have created your poems, today's task is to present them.


Before you can do that you need to edit your work, check spelling and make sure your word choices are the best they can be!


You can either write out your poem in your neatest joined handwriting or type it up using a Word document, or something similar. You could add borders and images,

Below are some page borders that you might like to print off and write on, or you could draw a border around a piece of paper and create your own.  We will print off your poems and display them in the classroom once you have sent the final version to us. So make them absolutely beautiful!smiley


This week we are learning to spell words with a particular prefix. This spelling lesson concentrates on learning the spellings.  


If we were at school we would be learning about how to play tennis.


Below you will find a link to the This is PE website - complete Lesson 1 – Coordination with ball skills which will help you to develop your hand eye co-ordination. If you have a tennis racket and ball you could do this in the garden but you can equally use a hard backed book and a screwed up ball of paper, or a table tennis racket and ball if you are lucky enough to have one at home. 

You could even try playing balloon tennis!

You could also use these links below if you prefer to do some Yoga or if you enjoyed the Maths PE that we showed you last week. 

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