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Friday 25th March 2022

Reading: You should read for at least 20 minutes every day and record your activity in your Reading Records.


Maths challenge: You should practise your allocated times tables on TT Rock Stars for at least 30 minutes.

Congratulations to Mrs Tilley's class for yet another win!

A new tournament will be starting today (Friday) at 4pm and will finish on Friday 1st April at 9.00am. Good luck everyone!


English homework: This week we have started to look at balanced arguments.

Your homework task is to select one of the statements below and think of different viewpoints for both sides of the argument. You should split your page in half (For/Against) and record your ideas. Think carefully about any supporting evidence you can include.


  • Children should choose what they learn in school,
  • It would be good to be famous,
  • Books are better than television,
  • We should ban violent video games,
  • Every child should have to join a sports club or team,
  • Junk food should be banned for children,
  • Every child should have a pet,
  • Is digital technology making children’s lives better?


Try and include some of the powerful sentence starters that we’ve practiced using this week.

Some people believe that…

On one hand…

It could be argued that…

Many people…

Some may say that…


On the other hand…

There is no doubt that…

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