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Week Six

Hello Year 4! 

We hope that you have had a lovely week with your families. 

Hopefully you all managed to as much home learning as you could last week. We really enjoyed seeing some of your science experiments and we hope that you had lots of fun completing them! 


We have now spoken to everybody that we could get hold of on the phone and it has been lovely to hear your voices and all about what you've been getting up to. 


This week, Miss Bird has been practising her calligraphy writing and enjoying being out in the sunshine, Mrs Brown has been planting seeds for her veg garden and celebrating VE day with a tea party, Mrs Bradshaw has been enjoying BBQs and having adult v children pool tournaments and Mrs Parry has been decorating and walking her dog Bonnie lots.


We have also been completing a funny creative task that we would also like to see you have a go at; head on over to the Writing page to see what we mean. 

We have been loving seeing pictures of your hard work and fun moments on Twitter so please, keep them coming by tweeting us! @LyppardSchool @LyppardMissBird 


Your work for this week has been uploaded below. We hope that it all makes sense. As we always say, remember to just try your best with the work we set you and try to enjoy it! Also, Miss Bird is adding daily challenges to the P.E. Useful Links page which our sports coaches have created - why not give them a go!


It feels like forever since we last saw you all and we really are missing you more every day. We are hope that you enjoying your time at home as much as you can and are doing things that make you smile. We are always thinking about you and wondering what you are up to! We can't wait to hear all about it when we can all be back together (whenever that may be).


Miss Bird, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Brown, Mrs Parry and Mrs Vickers  x

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