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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Considering our school for your child to start in September 2021? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer parent tours; please view this video for a flavour of our school.


Hello Year 2,


Welcome to Reading Week 6! As always, you have been assigned a new Bug Club text. Remember to read your book several times and look up the meanings of any new words that you come across. You could make your very own ‘Words of the Week’ list! Complete the bug tasks as you go through the book and if you can, read your book aloud to an adult. There is also a follow up activity about your book for you to complete. Bug Club books this week are:


Yellow – Cool Cow Sheriff

Green – Super Gloop

Orange – The Penguins of Madagascar: Good Deed Day

Turquoise - The Penguins of Madagascar: Penguins to the Rescue

Purple – When Animals Attack

Gold – Tasty Treats

White – How Animals Smell, Taste and Touch

Lime – Wallace and Gromit: A Runaway Success

You also have a new reading comprehension task to complete. This week it is linked to your writing tasks, so it’s really important that you read it and get to know the story well.


Happy reading! J

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