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Timetable for the day

11am – Teams Meeting: Reading

The follow up work from this lesson will take place across today and Friday.

Other tasks - you can do these at any time across the day

  • Number Magic- Day 4
  • Knot tying activity
  • SPAG
  • Theme 1 – finishing and editing your writing
  • Maths – Top Trumps Activity


Number Magic

Here is your number magic for today. Remember to use the answers to self-mark.


Today we are continuing our work on hyphens revision. Remember the 3 uses: to create compound adjectives (e.g. red-hot, fast-talking etc.), to avoid confusion with other words (re-pair = to pair again, repair = to fix) and when the prefix ends in a vowel and the root word  starts with one (de-ice, co-operate etc)

You have been allocated a hyphen activity to complete on Bug Club. Work through each activity. You should also watch the video. 


Today you are going to be writing the final paragraph of your adaptation text - the conclusion. Before you get started, work through the Tom Palmer editing checklist on the paragraphs you wrote yesterday. 

Then, write your conclusion, remembering to refer to the conclusion in the antonemy text for inspiration. Finally, you will ready to produce a finished version of your text. You may choose to type it up, or prefer to hand write it up neatly. You could add pictures, subheadings, diagrams - imagine it is appearing in a scientific text or encyclopaedia. 

The success criteria are below for you to have a final check of. 


Following our live input, we are asking you to prepare a performance of the Treasures, by Clare Bevan. You should rehearse the text, by reading it aloud, ensuring you know how to pronounce all of the words, then give some consideration to how you can perform it. Ensure you think about the following: 

Using expression which suits the words in the text

Speaking at an appropriate volume

Using facial expression and body/hand movements

You have today and some of tomorrow to practice and then you have two options for how you can share your performances with us - either by getting someone at home to film/record you and then emailing it in to us, or by joining an optional live Teams meeting on Friday to perform in front of everyone. 

You can include the lines you have written for your own version of the poem if you wish.


We can't wait to see these!


For your maths activity today, we are asking you to create a top trumps card for your creature and then do some research on some other creatures and create cards for them too. Watch the input and then read the task for all the information you will need. 

Forest School

As the children in school will be going up to Forest School today, Miss Goss has come up with a practical activity for you to try at home too. Read the information below and than have a go at tying some knots!

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