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w/c 25.6.21

As you are rapidly reaching the end of your time at Lyppard Grange, it is time to reflect on everything you have done during your time at our school. We will be sharing some of your memories as part of the Leavers’ Assembly, so for your homework we would like you to have a think about any stand-out memories you have from your school career. These could be funny, sweet or entertaining, but obviously should not be rude or embarrass anyone (except perhaps yourself!) We would like you to come up with at least three and either write them out in full on the sheet we have given you, or email them in to us.


Here is Chapter 6 of Alice in Wonderland for you to read or listen to.


Chapter 6 - Pig and Pepper

Chapter 6 - audio version


After spending a week looking at all things algebra, we would like you to create your very own function machine. You now know how important function machines are because they have enabled you to understand that algebra is not as scary as you may have thought! How you decide to create this is completely up to you. Below are some ideas you may wish to consider.

  • 3D function machine using cardboard- slots on the side for inputs and outputs
  • PowerPoint using appropriate transitions/animations to give the illusion of a function machine
  • A3 robot style with arms for the input and output


We look forward to seeing what you create!

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