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Dear Year 2,


Welcome to Week 5’s reading tasks! As always, you all have a new Bug Club book to focus on this week. Have a look at the list below to find out what you need to read. Remember to complete the bug activities as you go along and practice reading the book several times, trying to improve your fluency and expression with each reading. You have a follow up activity to complete once you are familiar with the book. You also have a new reading comprehension task to complete. We hope you enjoyed learning all about David Walliams last week! Happy reading!


Yellow band – You are my Mum

Green band – What makes you Laugh

Orange band – Exploring London

Turquoise band – Goldilocks and the Porridge Problem

Purple band – Time to Time Travel

Gold band – You Can Try This at Home

White band – Sarah Jane Adventures: Painting Peril

Lime band – Rocky and the Wolf Cub

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