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Friday 12th January 2024

The Year 5 team hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays, and would like to say a huge 'Thank You!' for all the cards and gifts we received. It was most kind of you, and much appreciated. smiley


Reading: Chn should read for at least 20 minutes every day.  They should record their activities in their reading journals and these should be brought into school every day along with their reading book.  We are looking forward to hearing about books you received as Christmas presents!


Maths Challenge: 

As part of weekly homework, we will set children a ‘session’ on Times Tables Rock Stars. This means that children will need to complete 10 minutes on ‘Garage’ mode. All other games will be locked until children have completed this. On ‘Garage’ mode, children will practise the times table/s that their teacher has set for them. This times table will correspond to their weekly maths challenge which will take place every Wednesday.

Your child’s Times Tables Rock Stars screen will look like this.


The headphones icon shows what your child’s teacher has set as the homework ‘session’.

Battle of the Bands

Each week, different battles will take place. Previously, this has usually been each class within the same year group competing against each other. This will now change so that classes from Years 2 – 6 are selected by a draw to compete against each other (a little like the FA Cup). Battles will be fair because the children will still complete their times tables at their age-related level. Any game that children play on Times Tables Rock Stars will earn them points for their class – they do not need to play a specific game and points will be automatically added to their class’ total. At the end of each half term, a battle will take place between all the classes from Year 2 to Year 6.  This week 5FT V 6AH and 5RJ V 3SG.


As an incentive for children to engage with Times Tables Rock Stars, children will earn tokens for playing. Tokens are earnt by:

Children completing their homework ‘session’ on Times Tables Rock Stars (teachers will be able to see which children have completed this).

1 token per child

Children achieving 95% or over on accuracy rating (teachers will be able to see which children have achieved this).

1 bonus token per child


KIRF: To recall prime numbers up to 50. Please see the parent guide to this half term's KIRF below.


Homework: We have begun recalling the prime numbers to 50 in class.  Homework this week is to consolidate this knowledge by completing the tasks below.  You will also find a list of websites which have fun games to help recall prime numbers.


Prime number homework challenges

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