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Week Eight

Hello Year One,


We are looking forward to welcoming some of you back this week. Don’t worry if you’re not coming in yet we haven’t forgotten you! This week we are going to be thinking about nonsense poetry. Here is Spike Milligan reading his poem ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’. Can you learn it and teach it to your family?


Love the Year 1 team x




Here are some maths addition and subtraction word problems for you to have a go at. Try to do at least 3 but you can do as many as you like! There are also some addition and subtraction colouring sheets you can do. 





For the creative activity this week we would like you to create your own nonsense tree! In the poem ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ the tree says ‘ping’. Can you make your own tree out of found materials or junk? Use your imagination, try and make it look as unusual as possible. What noise would your tree make? If you don't have any junk modelling handy, you can draw or paint your own nonsense tree on paper. Don't forget to add a speech bubble with the noise it makes!





In week 7, Mrs Merrylegs taught you how to make a rhyming word zig zag book. Can you create a rhyming string using the words ning, nang and nong? See the picture below as an example. 




This week we have allocated your child 2 bug club books.


From next week children who are returning to school will be reading their books in school with a teacher or teaching assistant as we cannot send materials home. There will be no book bags or reading journals.   


For those children who are not returning to school we will allocate 2 books on Bug Club on Sundays for the following week.

Remember all the books previously allocated will still be available for the children to re-read and please continue to use any other books you have at home. 

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