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Today for your mindfulness activity you will need to either open a window or go outside for a few minutes. You're going to need some superhero senses for this activity. When you get outside do the following things:


1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. As you let out your breath think about...

2. What can you hear?

3. What can you smell?

4. What can you feel? 

5. Finally open your eyes. What can you see? 


You can complete this as many times as you like. You might notice different things each time. You might want to do this at different times throughout the day. Once you have completed it outside, you might want to try it inside too. 


Theme- Setting Description Devices

Join us at 9am where we will analyse the features of descriptive writing. We will also look to create our success criteria for the week. This input will help with your writing later in the week so it is vital that you attend.

Number Magic

You need to complete your relevant level for Number Magic. If you want to challenge yourself, try completing the next level instead.

Theme- Descriptive Sentences

As we looked at descriptive writing features this morning, we would now like you to put these features into practice and create some descriptive sentences about some given settings and writing stimuli.


For reading today, we would like you to again read the extract that we have uploaded below. Once you have done this, you need to watch the line-by-line video and answer the questions that are asked on it. You will need to make sure you have a piece of paper and pen handy.


For handwriting today, we have attached a video of some joins that we would like you to complete. These will help you with your spelling words for the week.

Tuesday Handwriting.mp4

Still image for this video


This week we have a new set of spelling words. These words end in ‘ably’ and ‘ibly’. Today you need to match the root word to the suffix for each spelling word.

Class Novel Reading

Click the link below to listen to Mr Mason reading our class novel, George's Secret Key to the Universe.

Tuesday Reading.mp3

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