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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Three


Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,

We all hope you have had a lovely Easter and have eaten lots and lots of chocolate! We all have!

As it is lovely and sunny at the moment we thought you could do some investigations for us. We are going to be looking at lots and lots of different minibeasts over the next few weeks. This weeks Mini beast you will have to solve our anagram to work out what it is.  An anagram is a word where all the letters are all jumbled up. We have put the 8 phonemes onto circles for you to unjumble! Can you work out what it is……..

We hope you solved our first problem and worked out what Minibeast we are going to be looking at first. We have a story we would like you to watch all about this Minibeast.  We wonder if any of you have this book at home or any others by this author?


For your writing this week we would like you to write about the lifecycle of this minibeast. We have a video we would like you to watch first.

Can you represent the life cycle of the butterfly using the lifecycle circle sheet with lines and cutting out the pictures and sticking them in the correct order. Can you write a sentence about each part of the lifecycle using words like first, next and then. If you would like a challenge try to use a conjunction in each of your sentences.

Reading and Phonics

This week we are learning how to build bigger words. We are looking at CVCC words where there is a consonant, vowel and then two further constants at the end. For example, tent and help.

There are games in Education City- Subjects- English-F2- Letters and sounds- Phase 4 and 5. Please encourage the children to play theses game along with any others of their choice.

There are lots of games you can play with these words already such as pairs games, hangman, writing on ground grass, sky boards, magnetic letters, eye spy etc.

More games can be found at

and on Espresso which you can login to through the SIMS ID login. Espresso has word and sentence building games as well as some useful videos of how to make the sound. Click on Foundation, then Literacy, Phonics, Kim’s phonics. Please let the children use the activities found on the right hand side.


The two new tricky words for this week are ‘were’ and ‘when’ please show your child these words written down and on their tricky word bumblebee mat provided at workshops. The actions for ‘were’ is to make a flat hand  and throw it over your shoulder and the action for ‘when’ is to put your hand on your cheek and wiggle your fingers.


The children enjoy coming up with sentences for the new words, playing stations with them where they have to run around the outdoor classroom to find the word and splat the tricky word where they are all laid out and first person to splat the word wins.


There are games relating to tricky words found in Subjects- English- F2- activities or for more of a challenge Subjects- English- Year 1- activities.



For reading this week as you will have now used up all the physical books we sent home on the last day,  we have allocated either 2 or 4 books on bug club at the appropriate level for your child to read and answer the questions to the quizzes as they go.


Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,

We hope you have enjoyed the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar!


This is Clive the Caterpillar. He loves numbers and his favourite numbers are consecutive numbers. Consecutive is a very grown up word and it means numbers that are next to each other. 1,2,3,4,5 are consecutive numbers because they follow each other when you are counting. Can you try to remember that for us?

Now, Clive is a bit upset and he needs your help. On the sheet, Clive has some numbers but they are not consecutive. Can you help him work out what numbers he needs so that they are consecutive? Your 0-20 number cards will help you to complete this task.


Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,

We hope you have enjoyed reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

There are three creative activities this week, but you don’t have to do all three, you can choose!

The first activity is to make the Hungry Caterpillar out of leaves.  How many leaves do you think you would need to collect?  It will seem really strange cutting leaves to look like the caterpillar’s tummy, but that’s part of the fun, you can tear them if you prefer.  Try and collect leaves and blossom from the ground, if your grown says you can take from a tree or bush, please remember to hold the stem just below the leaf or you may pull all of the leaves off by accident!


The second activity is painting!! Don’t forget to wash your hands when you have finished.


To finish off how about a caterpillar race?  If it is nice weather you could perhaps go on a caterpillar hunt in your garden or when you have a walk.  Have a look to see how the caterpillar moves.

Enjoy your activities.


Can you create your own caterpillar/butterfly platform game in Purple mash? Login to purple mash through Sims ID.

From the home screen press computing then 2 Do It Yourself and then platform in the games section. There are some instructional videos for the children to watch first.


Learning Through Play- Continuous Provision Activity ideas.

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