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Thursday 28th January

Today is Thursday! 

Have a fantastic day!


Follow the link to today’s handwriting warm up exercise. It’s a fun one that we think you’ll enjoy!

Today's Handwriting Joins

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We hope enjoyed getting ideas for your Safari leaflet yesterday! Today we would like you to draft the writing sections of your leaflet. You can come up with all sorts of exciting ideas about what your safari experience might include and tell people how much they would enjoy it.  


You need to write:

  • The introduction
  • About what people will see on your safari
  • About what makes your safari so special (silver and gold task)
  • About why people should come on one of your safaris (gold task)


We will be looking at ideas for what you could write our Teams meeting, and you can find Miss Bevand’s example in the video below.


Make sure that you use your word mat, words of the week and phrase ideas mat to help you.

Miss Bevand's Example


Today we would like you to do lots of reading practice. Read the information sheet all about elephants – you’ll learn lots of new facts! Make sure that you take note of the punctuation and sound out tricky words using your phonics.

Once you have read the information section, move onto the comprehension questions. Remember to read each question carefully and look back in the text to check your answer.


Today we would like you to apply what you have learnt about solving division calculations to word problems. Remember that these problems are like little maths stories. You need to read them carefully and work out what maths you need to do. Underlining the important information will really help you. For each problem, write the calculation that you need to use to solve the problem and work it out using either a bar model or a number line.


We are going to continue exploring our new jigsaw piece 'Celebrating Differences'. Today we would like you to read through the reflection task below and answer Jigsaw Jo's questions ask you go through. Once you have completed the reflection task, Jigsaw Jo has a special task for you...

Below, you will find a template for a paper person chain. Jigsaw Jo would like you to think of four things you could do if you see bullying or if it is happening to you. Write one idea in the centre of each person in the person chain. You can decorate them and make them look as lovely as you please. Once you have done this, you can use the paper chain to help remind you how to can help to stop bullying from happening in your school.

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