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Wednesday 3rd March

Today is Wednesday!

We're into the last few days of home learning now. Let's work hard to learn the most we can!


Today we will be reading the first part of 'The Emperor's Egg' line by line. Watch the video below. Pause the video when Miss Bevand asks a question and have a think about your answer. Enjoy! laugh

Line by Line - Part 1

Still image for this video

Theme - SPAG  

For the rest of this week we will be working towards writing a diary entry from the perspective of a father Emperor penguin. 


Today, we are going to be practicing writing in the first person, as we'll be doing this for our diary entry. We will talk about this more on our Teams meeting this morning. 


For your activity, we would like you to pretend you are an Emperor penguin father. You need to write sentences in the first person including the words that we have listed. Use what you have learnt about the father penguin's important job from our book 'The Emperor's Egg' to get ideas for your sentences. 


For today's maths task we are going to be using our new knowledge of unit fractions to solve problems and answer reasoning questions. 


Unit fractions are fractions that have 1 as the numerator:


Complete the problems below. Show your working out where possible. Remember to use your bar models.


This week, we are mixing it up a little and combining music, computing and art together! How exciting!

We are going to be creating a picture based on our story of the week 'The Emperor's Egg' and on Thursday we will be creating a soundtrack on the computer to accompany what is happening in the picture.


For today we would just like you to create your picture. Choose a scene from the list below and draw a picture to represent it.

  • When the mother penguin leaves the father penguin with the egg to spend her winter in the ocean
  • When the freezing winter arrives and the penguins are huddled together
  • When the father penguin slides on his tummy on the ice
  • When the egg cracks open and the baby chick is born 
  • When the mother penguin returns from the ocean


You can use the pictures from the book for inspiration. You are welcome to be as creative as you like with this picture. You can use lots of different materials to make it look beautiful, whether it's felts, pencils, paint, tissue paper, felt, sequins, whatever you like!


Have fun!laugh



Today is P.E day! Your P.E. lesson for today is a 'Real P.E.' lesson, which is the scheme we use at school.

Below, you will find the Year 2 log in details and a link for the Real P.E. website. We would like you to log on and select any theme that you would like to do today! Have fun!!

Toto's Back! 

The Toto video has FINALLY uploaded Year 2! Go over to the Video Resource Centre to listen to it. The adventure to find Brian's girlfriend has begun! 

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