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w/c 25.11.22

Theme Homework

This week we have been learning all about evolution and exploring some of Charles Darwin's work. For your homework this week, we would like you to continue your learning by doing some more research on Charles Darwin.

Break your research down into the following headings: Early Life, Travels, Work, Family, Fascinating Facts.

Try to find at least two pieces of information for each heading. 

You can include additional headings if you wish.

Write the information down in your homework books and you will share it with us next week.

* Remember to write in your own words - don't just copy from the internet*


Here are some useful websites:


DK Find Out


Science Kids

Nat Geo Kids

BBC Teach

BBC - Darwin and Wallace


Reading is a part of your weekly homework. Ideally you should be spending around ten to fifteen minutes each day reading your book. Even though you are now becoming more independent readers, you may still want to discuss your reading with an adult at home, or perhaps even try and persuade them to read to you sometimes!

We should see evidence of what you have been reading, along with a brief comment, in your reading journal, which should be in school every day. If you are struggling to find something to read, then talk to us and we will do our best to help. If we can see you are struggling to make time to read at home, we will take some time to discuss this with you during a break or lunchtime so we can help you to overcome this issue. 


Times tables are a fundamental part of maths and if you have rapid recall of these, you will find many elements of maths much easier. To help with this we expect you to practise your times tables every week on TTRS.

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