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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Focus activity - writing


Look at the email from Dr Rose. Can you help her? Compose and write sentences telling Dr Rose where the animals should go and why. For example;

I think this animal lives in water because it has green gills and vibrant scales.


During the teams meeting we discussed how to spell because


big, elephants, can, always, understand, small, elephants



Peg activity - Forest School


Excitingly, there may be millions of insect species living in rainforests, still to be identified! Can you design a new species of mini beast which might live in the rainforest?

- How many legs would it have?

- Does it fly, crawl or both?

- Is it brightly coloured or camouflaged?

- How many eyes does it have, and does it have antennae?


You can design your minibeast using pencils, pens, paint or even mud paint (remember to check this with your grown up)! Give your mini beast a name and remember to send us a photograph, as we can’t wait to see your wonderful creations.



Lolly activity - Maths


Have a look at the sheet and use the information in the tables to complete the sentences to show the different amounts of animals. When you have completed this hold onto it for tomorrow. 

Focus activity - Phonics


During the morning briefing the children will flick through the previously taught digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words.


Use the does it look right strategy to help you work out the 'ear' words you need to find in the wordsearch.

Additional activities


Listen to the story from Monday again. Can you add the actions in? Can you join in and learn the final part of the story? Here is the final section which talks about the whole story. I wonder if you can learn it off by heart to join in at the end.

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