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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Publishing Day

Today you are going to publish your newspaper report.


1. Completely finish your report and make any edits/changes that need to be corrected on your in your books.

2. Print or re-create the newspaper report paper layout (you could draw lines and boxes like the example)

3. Write up your report following the rules below..

You must...

- use your neatest handwriting, focusing on joining all of your letters correctly and letter formation

- spell words that you should know correctly and use a dictionary/Google for any you are not sure of 

- think about presentation - you want this report to be good enough to actually be published so it needs to be beautiful!

- add a picture or drawing to finish the report off


We can't wait to see your finished newspaper reports! 

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