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Friday 26th April 2024

Homework this week is to learn the songs for our perfomance. The lyrics are on the powerpoint, two of the songs have solo parts that are highlighted in yellow. We have started to learn these songs together and would love you to keep practising!


You also need to complete your 10 minutes on TTRS. 


Have a lovely weekend, 


The Year 2 Team 

Song Lyrics on the PowerPoint below

2. A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman - Singing.mp3

3. Almost There - Princess and The Frog - Singing.mp3

4. This Wish - Wish - Singing.mp3

12. Come Alive - The Greatest Showman - Singing.mp3

16. This is Me - The Greatest Showman - Singing.mp3

18. The Greatest Show - The Greatest Showman - Singing.mp3

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