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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Three

Welcome back Year 3. smiley

We all hope that you had a lovely time over Easter and that you enjoyed spending quality time with those of your family that live with you, perhaps even eating a chocolate egg or two!(Or maybe even three!wink)

We also hope that you are all well and are continuing to make us proud. The Year 3 teaching team are all well and we have all been very busy planning new activities for you to complete. Try to complete them to the best of your ability. Be a star!


As you will know Mrs Stephens is now on maternity leave and awaiting the birth of her baby, she has been trying to knit a blanket for her new arrival as well as baking delicious cakes and taking part in online quizzes with her husband and family. Last week they took part in a fancy dress quiz dressed as Mario and Luigi!


Don't worry Mrs Stephens class, as you know Miss Goss is taking over and she will be looking after you. She has written a little message to you all which is included at the bottom of this page. Miss Goss has spent the holidays camping in the garden with her son and sharing Easter eggs as well as taking care of her dogs. 


Mr Browning has spent a lot of time in his garden and allotment, as well as completing jigsaw puzzles and volunteering for the local pharmacy by delivering medicines to vulnerable people. He says he has driven down streets he didn't even know existed!


Mrs Griffin is now a gardening and DIY expert - she is fixing things all around her house. She is also spending a lot of time snuggling up in the sunshine with her cats and dogs. She can't wait to see us all again. 


Mrs Griffith has helped her girls paint rainbows on the windows and the fence, she has also helped her girls build a den in the living room and spent a long time looking for Easter Eggs in the garden. 


Do your best to complete some of the work that we have set you, we hope that you are enjoying it. 

We are really happy to see how well some of you are doing with your Bug Club reading and that some of you have been working through TTRockstars. If you haven't done either of these yet then please try them this week - Mrs Griffith is still waiting for someone to challenge her! 

You can share everything you have been doing on the School Twitter page @LyppardSchool- we would love to see what you have been doing. Stay Safe. 



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