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Today we are moving onto our 3rd piece in the theme 'Celebrating difference'. 

Activity 1

Read 'Maya's story' 

Answer a few questions about the story;

1. How do you think the bullying started? 

2.Why was it difficult for Maya to spot? Jake to spot? 


Reading of Maya's Story to listen to if you need

Still image for this video
Activity 2
Fill in the table about bullying and what you should do if you witness it.

Activity 3

 Write down what Maya may be thinking and feeling when the bully comes up to her in school, or she logs on to the videogame. Now imagine that you are a witness in the story (a bystander, like Jake). Write down what the bystander might be feeling.



Remember sometimes bullying is hard to spot and it is difficult to know what to do if you think bullying is going on but if you think bullying is happening the best thing to do is to speak to an adult that you trust.

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