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Thursday 21st January 2021


This week we are learning to join the letters 'i' and 's'.  There is a video to show you how to join these letters.  Handwriting lined paper can be found below.  We have been very impressed with the handwriting you are sending in, keep up the great work!

Joining 'i' and 's'

Still image for this video

Real P.E. Home

We loved seeing the photos of you doing Real P.E. at home last week Year 3!  This week we would like you to have a go at practising your sending and receiving skills.  Some of these activities are better done outside.  

Below is a video reminding you how to log on to Real P.E. Here are the login details you will need:

Username: Year35601

Password: million6105

Logging on to Real P.E. at home.mp4

Still image for this video
Number Magic

Today we are going to continue to add money. 

Watch the lesson Video (Maths Money Day 4) in the Video Resource Centre and as usual interact with it when asked. 


Remember when using Money you are practising maths that you will need in many practical situations throughout your life, so role playing shops or restaurants is a great way to practise you addition skills. Set up 10 or more items place price tickets on them and then work out total prices. You can work with actual customers or your teddies!


Then complete the tasks below.

There is a Bronze and a Bronze Plus for you to do should you need it - this is dependent upon your confidence with Money. Bronze is if you are feeling very under confident. Bronze plus for if you are happy but would like a little support.

Whole Class Reading

Now we have listened to the text carefully and have asked lots of questions about it. Hopefully, you have managed to find out the meaning of some of the words you were unsure about, as this will help you. You have now gained one layer of understanding of the text.


Today we are going to dive deeper - to think about how the author uses carefully selected word choices and sentence construction  to really help the reader understand the story and to create mood, atmosphere and tension. 


We are going to take you through a line by line analysis of the text - you need to listen to the line and then the question that accompanies it, pause the video and then write down your answers. Your first answer is not always the best - so challenge yourself dig deeper - can you do some really hard thinking today? 


In music this term we are going to study a composition by the composer Sergei Prokofiev.


The piece is set in a similar location to Ice Palace and has some similar characters.


The piece we are going to listen to is called ‘Peter and the Wolf’.


The piece of music is called ‘Programme music’ because it tells a story. To do that effectively the composer uses different instruments to portray different characters.


This week we need you to focus upon the instruments used within the piece and the reasons why the composer chose them.


Use the recording sheet below to complete the task BEFORE you look at the link that takes you to the answers. 

Then listen to and watch the whole piece.

Music Task - complete before you watch the links.

Computing - Scratch

In computing this week, we would like you to use Scratch.  You can access Scratch online by clicking the link below.  Children all have a Scratch login, it is the same as their Bug Club username and password.  This can be found on the inside cover of your child's reading journal.  Over the two sessions (today and tomorrow) we would like you to create a chase game.  Perhaps you could design a game where Ivan chases Starjik and his wolves...


There is a guide below that gives step by step instructions on how to make a chase game and there are also online tutorials for you to watch.  We look forward to seeing what you create.  Have fun!


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