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Tuesday 9th February 2021

Number Magic

We have set you a game on Number magic from Education City - it is based around a particular times table - if you have not yet reached this times table then practise one that you need to work on instead, using a game from the same page.
Forest School

The children in school will be going to Forest School today.

It is important for good Mental Health and wellbeing that we spend time outside feeling the breeze on our face, the sky above our heads and the ground beneath our feet. 

Below are some suggestions of new activities for this week, but if there is something that we have done in previous weeks that you didn't get a chance to do or that you would like to do again please do that ,or you can try something else.


This week we are going to focus upon a Geography target in Forest school. The target is to be able to use mapping skills to map the local area. Y


You can do this is a number of ways. 

1. Go on a walk around your local area and map the route. You will need to include the significant buildings and other landmarks, such as trees, playgrounds, swings. You could pretend you are making a treasure map!

2. Use Google Maps to look at the local area and create a map from that. 

3. Imagine you are a pixie or fairy or Antman! Walk around your garden and map the significant features - such as the patio, bbq, swing. 

4. Or you could walk around your house and map the significant features of one of the floors.


Watch the lesson below from Oak Academy - it will help to explain what a sketch map is and how you can draw one yourself. 

This video suggests going for a walk, it also suggests that if you can't do that you could create a sketch map of the local area using Google Maps!

The video link and follow up tasks on this link will help you to understand maps and how they work.

We also did lots of work with map symbols back in October during PE, you could use some of those if you like. 


Today is our last day learning about statistics.  Watch the video 'Maths Interpreting and using tables and charts Tuesday', before choosing and completing a task.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.

Theme - English 'Noun Towers'

Today in English we are going to start thinking about ways that you could  improve your character description when creating the second draft. 


Our focus today will be on creating interesting sentences - we will be using the strategy of Noun Towers to begin to build complex sentences. 


Watch the video for today's English Lesson - titled 'Noun Towers' this will talk you through the lesson and activity for today. 


The lesson notes can be found below to support you.

Activity sheet for Noun Towers

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