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This week, we would like you to recap your percentages skills. Remember to always look for the most efficient strategy (known facts, partitioning and calculating by using multiplication). Have a little sing of the percentages rap to warm yourselves up (you'll just have to imagine Mrs Taylor beat-boxing!)


These games on Education City will help warm your brains up before having a go at the maths challenges below.


Gold/Silver (in the Year 6 section):

Ready, Steady, Bake (Fractions, % and decimals)

Strictly Talented (Mental % calculations)


Bronze (in the Year 4 section):

Thirds of a Feather (Fractions of quantities)

Wheelie Good (Converting fractions to decimals)


Percentages practical activity

Here is another activity you could do to put your percentages knowledge to use:

  • Get a set of objects together –this could be a group of your toys, a set of books or even your socks (make sure they are clean!)

  • Sort them using your knowledge of percentages for example:

  • What percentage of your toys are cuddly?

  • What percentage of your socks are patterned?

  • What percentage of your books are non-fiction?

If you really want to challenge yourself further, think carefully about how you could present this data.

Here is your Number Magic for this week. Happy calculating! smiley

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