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Tuesday 23rd February

It's Tuesday today!

We hope you had a good first day back to home learning yesterday. We're so excited that we'll have you all back at school soon! 


Today's reading lesson is a line by line session on our story of the week 'Buddy's Rainforest Rescue'.

We hope you loved listening to the story yesterday and managed to learn lots about rainforest deforestation.


Watch the video below to join in with our line by line session. Pause the video after each question and answer the questions verbally. 


Line by line part 1 - Buddy's Rainforest Rescue

Still image for this video


Today we are going to be... 


We are going to practising recognising half. When we halve something, we split a whole into two equal parts. Today you have a practical ‘Detectives Task’ and a written challenge.


DETECTIVE TASK: Find a few objects in your house (these could be toy cars, teddies, balls, sweets, cups, anything you like). We would then like you to split your objects in half by painting an imaginary line down the middle of the object to create two equal halves. (Watch the video below for a further explanation) 

DETECTIVE GOLD TASK: Are there any objects that you can halve in more than one way. HINT: You must make sure both parts are exactly equal!


WRITTEN CHALLENGE: Write half as a fraction and label the numerator and denominator.

WRITTEN GOLD CHALLENGE: Explain what the numerator and denominator do.


In the video below Miss Rogers will show you an example of the detective task and she will also explain the written challenge to you in more detail.

Maths Tasks

Still image for this video

Number Magic 

For today's warm up game, we would like you recap place value. Follow the link to the 'Place Value Basketball' game. 


Today we are going to make a start on a Geography project that we will be working on this week. We are going to be comparing Worcester to a place in South America that will be revealed in tomorrow's lesson! 


Today, we would like you to use maps and photos to make a list of the human and physical features of Worcester. 





  • Human features are made by people. 
  • Physical features are there naturally. 


If you need a recap about human and physical features, here is the link to the BBC Bitesize video we watched a few weeks ago. 

Have a look at Worcester on Google Maps. See if you can remember where it is! Zoom in and see which human and physical features you can spot. Make a note of them in the table on the activity sheet below. If anyone in your household owns an OS Map of Worcester, this would also be great to use. 


We would also like you to look at some photos of Worcester. Some of these are aerial view photos (photos taken from above). See if you can add any features to your list. 


You might also like to do some field work! Why not go for a walk around your local area and see if you can spot any human or physical features to add to your list?

How to use Google Maps

Still image for this video


Today we would you to practice spelling words that have the 'igh' sound at the end spelled 'y'. Have a look at both activities. The first is a spelling game to play and the second is a 'fill in the gap' sentence activity. 

Forest School  

Today would have been our Forest School day. We have attached a link to website that has lots of outdoor activity ideas. You don't have to complete any but they are there if you would like to.

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