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Homework 9th July 2021

Year 3 Spelling Homework

Below you will find a list of all the words that you need to be able to read, spell and use in your writing by the end of Year 3.

We have been giving you these words to learn, a few at a time, throughout the year. At the end of this week, we are going ask you to spell all of them. Your homework is to learn the ones you are unsure of. Use any of the strategies, that we taught you throughout the year to help you learn them.


accident  actual address  answer  appear  arrive believe  bicycle  breath  breathe  build  busy

business   calendar  caught  centre  century

certain  circle  complete  consider  continue different  difficult  disappear  early  earth  eight

enough   exercise  experience experiment

extreme  famous  favourite  February  forward

fruit   grammar  group  guard  guide heard heart

height   history  imagine  important increase interest  island  knowledge

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