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Wednesday 24th February

Today is Wednesday!

You're half way to the weekend! Have a fantastic day Year 2! 

Here is your quote of the day:

Always remember: be kind to everyone, especially the ones we love.


Take a minute to enjoy a mindfulness activity today...


Today's reading lesson is another line by line session for the second part of our story 'Buddy's Rainforest Rescue'.

We hope you are loving the story as much as us and you've managed to learn lots about rainforest deforestation over the past couple of days.


Watch the video below to join in with our last line by line session of the week. Pause the video after each question and answer the questions verbally. 

Line by line part two

Still image for this video


On Friday we are going to be creating our very own posters to try and persuade people to help stop deforestation in the Amazon rainforest! 

For today, we would like you start thinking about all of the lovely language you are going to use in your poster. Below we have created a 'Box it up success criteria' (we have created many of these together in our lessons before so hopefully you will recognise it.


Just a little reminder...

In the middle of the box, we write what we are aiming to create (in this case 'A rainforest deforestation poster to persuade people to help'), the outer box is where we write what the purpose of the writing is and what it is going to include, the very outside of the box is where we write the 'ingredients' (the features) needed to help achieve these things.



Look at the success criteria and think about the things you will want to include on your poster. We would then like you to start writing down some ideas for these ingredients/features. For example:









A rainforest as bare as a desert.

Trees as tall as mountains.

Surrounded by animal noises as loud as London traffic.



Today's lesson is next stage of our little Geography project. We would like you to look into the human and physical features of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Just like yesterday, you should use Google Maps to explore. We have also attached a link to a You Tube video which shows you lots of sights. Once you have watched the video, have a look at the photos and see if you can recognise any of the places.


As we did yesterday with Worcester, you should make a note of the human and physical features in the table on the activity sheet. 


Today we are finding one half of shapes and numbers. We will do an input on this during our Teams meeting but there is a little video for you to watch below should you need another reminder. Complete the activity and enjoy solving fraction problems! 

Finding half

Still image for this video


Today is P.E day! laugh Your P.E. lesson for today is a 'Real P.E.' lesson, which is the scheme we use at school.

Below, you will find the Year 2 log in details and a link for the Real P.E. website. We would like you to log on and select any theme that you would like to do today! Have fun!!


The next part of our Toto the Ninja Cat story will be uploaded to the Video Resource Centre today!

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