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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Asking for help isn't something you should feel embarrassed about.  It doesn't mean that you can't do something, it means you're not sure how to do it 'yet'.  We are always here to help you. Below there are some more activities to support your mental health during Children's Mental Health Week.


Today you are going to put your knowledge of tally charts and pictograms to the test.  Your task is to create your own data and use it to make a pictogram using 2Count.

Watch the video called 'Maths- Wednesday - creating a pictogram', before completing this task.

Whole Class Reading

This activity should take about half and hour if you concentrate and work hard - which we know you are all great at!

Today we are going to complete a 'Role on the Wall' for the Snow Queen - whose description we have learnt and analysed a number of times. 

We have included a template to help with this but you can draw out your own image if you don't have access to the printer. Just make it look like a giant 'ginger bread person'!

The aim of this task is to work on two of the Year 3 reading targets which ask you to:


* be able to use evidence from the text to support your ideas about a character.

* infer personality from what you have read.


How to use a 'Role on the Wall'.

The blank 'ginger-bread person' shape represents the Snow Queen.

Around the outside we need you to write words that describe the Snow Queen's appearance (Think - What does she look like?). You could write the words next to the part of the body that they describe. You should use words from the text and words from your own ideas too! 

Inside the body part of the image we need you to write words that describe the Snow Queen's personality (What type of person is she?) You should use words from the text and words from your own ideas too! 

In the head we need you to write some ideas about what the Snow Queen might say based upon her personality. Or what she might think! 


You will find a copy of the description below to help you. 

Number Magic
Theme/English  - Character description

Today in English we are going to begin to write your character description of Starjik. 

There is a video in the Video Resource Centre with today's date on it, of a modelled write to support you and show you what we need you to do. 


Our aim is to write just the introduction and first paragraph. You should spend about an hour on this task. We are looking for quality writing that uses the success criteria, your planning and the existing text effectively. 


This is a first draft - which means we will be rewriting and improving it - all authors edit and redraft their work, sometimes over many years, if this is something successful writers like Roald Dahl and JK Rowling do then it is definitely something we should attempt!

We are going to be using the technique of imitating (copying) when writing today. That means that you will magpie most of the structure and many of the words that were in the original with a few tweaks here and there - this is not cheating it is crafting our skills as writers. Along with the internalising that we worked on last week it will help add to your experience of sentence structure and word usage. There will be plenty of time in the second draft for you to add your own unique flair to the piece - that is what a second draft is for! 


Below you will find the success criteria to help remind you of the key features that you need to use. Tick it off as you write.

You will find the description of the Snow Queen above in the Whole Class Reading section of the day, you will need it to help you with this task. 



Today we are continuing our work on the prefixes 'sub-' and 'anti-'.  Read the spelling notes and then complete the task.  There is also an activity on Education City that will consolidate your learning of the prefixes we have learnt so far.


Over the past few weeks we have learnt a lot of things in our art lessons

We have learnt:

* how to create light and dark shades using only a pencil.

* how real artists use the features of the face to portray different character personalities!

* how to draw realistic versions of the features of the face.

* how to draw a realistic version of a face.

(This is just one style of portrait drawing - all styles and examples of face drawing are out there and used by a wide range of very talented artists!)

Today, we would like you to use all the skills you have learnt to produce your own portrait of Starjik in a realistic style (the one we learnt how to use last week!) Use the guidelines technique to help you proportion the features effectively on your face!


In English this week you have already thought about what you think your version of Starjik might look like - you have drawn and annotated an image to help you write about him. Use the ideas you have already thought about to help you with the portrait. 

You only need to create a portrait of his face - but we would really like you to demonstrate all the skills and techniques you have learnt his term.

Keep your portrait safe, we are going to combine it with next half terms art work to create an overall piece. 

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