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Here is your Number Magic for this week; you have your daily calculations and an additional small task to refresh some of your skills - have fun calculating! 

This week we would like you to have a go at solving a range of different problems. Each problem requires you to use a range of different maths skills. The problems are for everyone: you will see that there are suggestions to extend your thinking further and in some of the problems, there are different levels of challenge that you can have a go at. We have done a lot of work in school around justifying our answers and we would really like you to have a go at fully explaining each of your answers.


There are 9 problems altogether; you do not need to solve all of them just see how you get on. You also do not need to complete these in order. Why not take a look at a few of the problems and decide which one you would like to start with? 

As an extra challenge, why not try and create your own short problem for someone else to solve. Which maths skills will you use?


Head over to Education City where you can play a range of different games that will help you to continue keeping your skills fresh!

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