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Monday 11th January


Today's maths lesson has been recorded and uploaded onto the Video Resource Centre on the school website, it is titled "Monday 11th January Maths Lesson". You will need to watch the lesson just as you would at school. To help you interact with it you will need a whiteboard and pen OR a piece of paper and a pencil/pen. Pause the video when asked and complete the in video tasks, BEFORE you then work on your chosen activity. 


There is also a video which talks you through how to use the new calculation method, which you will also find useful. 

Whole Class Reading

Today and tomorrow we will be doing 'Line by line' reading comprehension.  There is a video on the Video Resources Centre for you to watch, titled 'Ice Palace Line by line day 1.'  Watch this video and pause it when asked to write down your answer to each question, make sure that your answer is detailed and well thought out, just like it would be on class, use evidence from the text to help you. 

Number Magic

For today's Mental Maths warm up go to the Year 3 page of Education City and have a go on the Multiples of 8 game, you can access Education City through your SIMS Id.



Theme - Poetry

This week we will be looking at the features of poems and in particular similes and metaphors. There is a video in the Video Resource Centre that you should watch before attempting today's task.  The video is titled 'Identifying features of a poem.'


This week's spellings are taken from the Year 3 statutory spelling list.  Look at the teaching notes for the word list and some activities that you should complete.  Below here is a 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' sheet to help you learn the spellings.


It is important that you keep yourself fit and healthy so we have shared with you a number of links which you could choose from to help you do this. 

Alternatively, you might want to go out in your garden and play basketball, or football with your family, or you could even go for a long walk or bike ride with an adult. Just do something to get yourself moving. smiley

This link takes you to a Maths on the Move website Year 3 Quiz 1.

The video asks you maths questions and you show the answer by completing an exercise.

There is a five minute countdown at the beginning of the video, because it was recorded live, just fast forward past that and enjoy. 

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