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Writing (Including Spelling and Grammar)

Welcome to the Writing, Spelling and Grammar Tasks for Week 6.


We hope that you were able to create some amazing games and have improved your coding skills. Hopefully, we will be able to play some of them soon. As ever if you created something amazing ask you parents to share it on Twitter @LyppardSchool. Be proud!

This week the creative task we have set is aimed at developing your artistic skills. Lots of imagination and fun is needed!


Try your best with the tasks we have set you this week. If you want to do some other writing too, then that would be fabulous! 


When you are writing, remember to use your best handwriting. When we are all back together, we hope to be able to read some of the things you have written. 


Remember to look at the SPAG tasks and activities that we have set you on BUG Club as well, this will help yo to keep these skills topped up. 

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