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Homework 02.10.20

Bug Club

All children have a new Bug Club book to read this week. Remember to complete the bug activities as you go along. If you come across a word that you don’t understand, why not look up its meaning in a dictionary. Here is the link to the online dictionary that we use in school.



Maths Game

This week we have been learning to order numbers from 0-100. For homework children should spend some time playing the ‘Coconut Ordering’ game, choosing the ‘Ordering Numbers up to 100’ option. The link can be found below. Encourage children to think about how they know that one number is bigger than another e.g. ‘this number has 2 tens whereas this number has 3 tens.’



Other Homework

Children have also been given some homework on paper which you will find in your child’s bookbag or school bag. There is a maths task which involves children comparing numbers using the < (less than), > (greater than) and = (equal to) symbols. They have also been given a SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) task which involves selecting the appropriate punctuation for different sentences. This homework has been explained in school. Children should return their homework sheets to school by Wednesday. The tasks can be found below, just in case they been misplaced!


Have a lovely weekend.


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