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Tuesday 9th February

It's Tuesday today!

Today's quote is from a very famous scientist called Albert Einstein. 


Today is day 2 of our 3 day project.

Hopefully you had a chance to dive into our new continent of the week through your research yesterday. We hope you loved finding out all about North America and managed to choose your favourite five features.

Today, we would like you to take your research one step further and write down some notes about each of your five favourite features. You are welcome to refer back to yesterday's page to revisit the links provided.

We can't wait to hear all the interesting facts you find out! 

Have fun!!


Today's reading lesson is a line by line session on our new book 'The Bear and the Piano'. Listen to part 1 being read aloud first and just enjoy the story. Then move onto the Line by Line video.

Part 1 - Read aloud - The Bear and the Piano

Still image for this video

Part 1 - Line by Line - The Bear and the Piano

Still image for this video


Today is our last day on block diagrams so we thought it was time for a bit of problem solving. Use the clues to draw the block diagram. Have fun! 

Number Magic 

Today we would like you to spend 10 minutes playing 'Maths Fishing'. Choose any game option that has (Y2) next to it. How many fish will you catch?

SPAG - Spelling 

Today we are going to continue practising spelling words that sound like they start with a 'r' but in fact, they have a sneaky silent 'w' at the beginning.


Complete the activity below to help you practise.

Forest School 

Today would have been our Forest School day. We have attached a link to website that has lots of outdoor activity ideas. You don't have to complete any but they are there if you would like to. smiley


Go to the Video Resource Centre to listen to Part 8 of 'Toto the Ninja Cat'. Let's find out what happens next! Enjoy! 

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