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Monday 8th February

Happy Monday!

We hope you had a lovely weekend. This is the last week before half term! Let's make it a good one!

Times Tables Rockstars

Congratulations to Miss Bevand's class who won the first Times Tables Rockstars battle! laugh Huge well done to everyone from both classes who took part. It was lovely to see you all working as a team! The top three rockstars from each class will be announced in this morning's Teams meeting and will all receive certificates. 


A new battle started at 8am this morning. You have until Thursday at 3pm to earn your class points. We will announce the winner on Friday's Teams meeting before half term. Good luck everyone!


This week's continent is... NORTH AMERICA!

This week, we are off to North America! We are going to be learning lots about America and we have a special project for you...

We are setting you a 3 day project!!laugh (don't worry we will be doing one step each day - together!)

Over the next three days we are going to be:

  • Researching into North America
  • Choosing your 5 favourite features of North America
  • Creating a poster telling us all about your favourite 5

You're favourite 5 can consist of animals, places, landmarks or a even a mix of them all. It's completely up to you!


For today we would just like you to do lots of research into North America, including it's famous landmarks, native animals and nature wonders. Use the resources provided to dive into North America and find out all about it. You may even want to do your own research.

You don't need to write anything down today, just have a think about what your favourite 5 might be. 

You might also want to fill in the next page of your passport. After all, you will definitely know all about North America by the end of today! As always, you are welcome to use the word mat we have created for you for spelling or maybe just inspiration. 

Passport Page 5 - North America

North America Word Mat


This week we are going to be reading a new story called 'The Bear and the Piano'. We chosen the story 'The Bear and the Piano' this week as bears are native to our new continent of the week - North America!

We would like you to have a look at the picture from the story. Have a good look at the picture and make some notes about the following points:


  • What can you tell about the story from looking at the picture?
  • What ideas does it give you about the story?
  • What questions come to mind when you look at the picture?


Today we are working on using block diagrams to find the difference between totals. Watch the video below for a reminder of how to find the difference between numbers. 

Finding the Difference

Still image for this video

SPAG - Spelling

This week we are learning to spell words that sound like they start with a 'r' but in fact, they have a sneaky silent 'w' at the beginning.

For today's task, work through the flipchart slides below. Can you work out the 'wr' words from the picture and practice spelling them? Remember to look up the meanings of any words you don't know. There is a link to Collins Online Dictionary below.

Number Magic 

Start earning your class points in the new Times Tables Rock Stars Battle! Spend 10 minutes playing before starting your 5 a day. 

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