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For writing task 1, we would like you to watch a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China. Once you have had a look around, we would like you to write a setting description using the senses to describe what you can see in the video.  



For writing task 2, we would like you to produce an advert/leaflet persuading people to go see the Great Wall of China. You can produce this any way you like (by hand, or on the computer). You must think about how you are going to be persuasive:

  • Colourful and eye- catching
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Alliteration
  • Imperative verbs
  • Strong adjectives
  • Pictures
  • Organisation of advert/leaflet: bullet points, subheadings



For your creative activity, we would like you to create your own map of China. In the document below, there are a few different examples of how you could do this.

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