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Spring 1 - Up, Up and Away!

Spring 1 - Up, Up and Away! 

Coming back from the holidays we had an amazing start to our new theme! We all got to travel into space! The classroom was set up as a rocket, we had an official countdown to the big launch and had to make sure that we kept our seatbelts fastened. We have been history detectives and our first mission was to find out who Neil Armstrong was. We learnt all about his life and his passion for flying which became his inspiration for space exploration. 


A few weeks into the term, we came back to find our classroom had transformed into an aeroplane and we had boarding passes to allow us to board the plane. As history detectives, we then had our next mission: to find out who Amelia Earhart was. We then discovered that she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and that she loved flying so much she challenged herself to fly around the world. Unfortunately, she disappeared on her final journey. 


Our final mission was to compare both Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart and discover the similarities and differences between them both.


As part of our computing lessons, we made our very own space rover called Milo and even managed to program him to move and detect objects!


We finished our theme with a trip to the Think Tank Museum, in Birmingham. 


Trip to the Think Tank

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