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Tuesday 2nd March

REMINDER - World Book Day 4th March

Don't forget to recreate your favourite book's cover and send it in so we can share them on World Book Day.  

Number Magic
Forest School


Being outdoors is really important for promoting good mental health and well being. In school today the children will be going to Forest School and having an adventure. 

Today in Forest School @home we would love for you to get outside, even if just for half an hour, breathe in the air, feel the sun on your face and connect with the world around you.

There are plenty of activities from previous weeks for you to have a go at again, or for the first time. But there is also a new activity below if you need it. 

This week we thought it would be nice for you to either play hide and seek outside, or to use the tracking symbols that you will find below to lay a trail for someone else in your family to follow. You could lay the trail in the woods, your garden or your street! Or if you can't go outside you could lay it around your house!


You must be safe when doing this activity, it is not a good idea to wander off by yourself in the woods, you must have an adult with you when laying or following the trail.  

Maths - Length

Today we will be learning how to add lengths.  There is a video to watch in the Video Resource Centre called, 'Maths adding lengths Tuesday'.  Watch this before deciding which task to complete.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.

English - Theme - Text mapping

To help us write in the appropriate style and to help to develop our writers voice (to make us sound more like writers) we need to internalise an existing text (learn and be able to recite a diary example). 


To help you with this we need to complete a Text Map - the aim is for you to turn the example diary into pictures and actions, most people think in pictures not words and if we use an action to remember something our body movements can trigger our memories more effectively. 


Watch the video in the Video Resource Centre - where we demonstrate how to create a Text Map. Your task is to use that Text map to help you learn the first half of the diary and then to start your own Text Map for the rest of the diary. You will have more time tomorrow to complete this task. 

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