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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Focus activity - Maths


During the morning briefing the children were introduced to a bar model. This is a new concept for them. The pictures below are what was modelled by their class teacher, if they appear unsure revisit the example below. 

Have a go at the word problems below. Show your working out using a bar model. We are only using numbers to 20 as we want the children to be confident using the concept of the bar model. 


1. Dr Rose was continuing to search for The Great Kapok Tree. She took 5 steps north and then she jumped 4 more. How many did she jump? 


2. Dr Rose took 8 steps east towards the mangroves, she then took 4 more. How many did she jump in total?


3. Dr Rose took 12 steps south around the monkeys. She quickly hopped 6 more. How many steps around the monkeys did she do?


4. Dr Rose took 4 giant steps towards The Great Kapok Tree, quickly she sprinted 11 steps past the frogs. How many steps did she do?

Peg activity - Writing

Listen to the voice note Dr Rose has sent us. Oh no! The recording cut off before she could tell us what she could see! What do you think she might have seen? Write some sentences using adjectives to describe what Dr Rose might have told us she could see before the recording cut off! 

Lolly activity - Handwriting


Have a look at the handwriting videos, see if you can use your ground, grass, sky to practise your ascenders (the part of the letter that goes above the line) and descenders (the part of the letter that goes underneath the line). 


Once you have written monkey, snake, crocodile and butterfly, use the word mat to practise a couple of other words if you would like to.


As an additional activity, you could decorate the word you have written with what it is. For example; if you have written snake, you could draw snakes around it. 

Focus activity - Phonics


During the morning briefing the children will flick through the previously taught digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words.

Silly sentences


Using the air words below, have a go at writing four silly sentences. Make sure you know what the words mean before you have a go at writing a sentence. If needed, adults can scribe the sentences if easier.


For example;

fair and fare                 It wasn’t fair that the bus fare was so much. It really wasn’t fair.

Additional activities 



Chose a wild workout or a rainforest yoga session!

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