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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Theme Launch
Exciting, amazing and magical things have happened in  the classroom whilst we have been away for Christmas.

Wow! A Land of Ice and Snow!

Your first task of the day is to become a detective! As well as lots of ice and snow filling the classrooms some strange items have been left behind. This must make you very inquisitive and fill your head with lots of questions.

Look at the pictures of the items, very carefully! Then there are three tasks that we need you to do and then share with your teacher. 


1. What are your initial thoughts about the items? What ideas do you have? What do they make you think about? 

You could use these questions to help you with your thoughts. 

Who left the items?  Where did they come from? Why are they there? What are they for? 

Remember to share your thoughts with your teachers.


2. Write a list of questions of your own about the items. They must make you inquisitive. What do you want to know? 


3. Then try to use the skill of inference - reading between the lines. Tell us what you think the items tell you about the person or persons who left them ,why they left them and what they want from us.


Write down anything else that the objects make you think of. Remember to share all this with your teacher - we can't wait to see your thoughts. 



L.O. To understand that everybody’s family is different and important to them.


Activity 1:

Look at the PowerPoint slides 1-12. Think about and if possible, discuss:

Which pictures show a family and why?

What makes a family?

Can you think of any families which are not shown in any of these pictures?


Activity 2:

Draw a picture of your family, ready to share in the next lesson. Remember that everybody’s family is different, so include any person who you consider to be part of your family.

PSHEC Celebrating differences

Number Magic

Complete your Number Magic exactly as you would at school.  Below you will find a link to the mental Maths activity, after the warmup complete the coloured column that you would normally do at school.  If you have completed the column quickly then you could challenge yourself to try one or two problems from the next column.  You do not need to do all three columns.  There is then an activity for you to complete that helps to consolidate prior learning.

Number Magic

Number Magic answers

Whole Class Reading

This term we will be starting a new book!  We have given you an image of the front cover and a copy of the blurb.  Look at them both carefully.  We would like you to make some predictions about what you think will happen in the book.  Use the prediction calculator to record your responses and use evidence from the front cover and the blurb to explain your answers.

Ice Palace


This week we will be recapping some of the spelling rules that we learned in the autumn term.


gym                          they                          sunny                             myth


   grey             unhappy                  obey              misbehave                   runny               dislike    


Group these words into their spelling rules.  What is the rule?  Can you think of any more words with the same spelling rule?  To help you practice these spellings, put them each into a sentence.


Today in art we would like you to experiment with a variety of tones and shades of a pencil. 

All you will need is a pencil and some pieces of paper. 

There is a video link for you to watch which shows some ideas and techniques.

There is also a Powerpoint for you to work through and which outlines the activities for you to complete. Enjoy

We look forward to seeing some quality art work, remember to share it with your teacher!  smiley

Powerpoint for Art Activities

3D shapes to help with Shading

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