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Wednesday 18th November

Good morning everyone and welcome to what I hope is the last day of distance/home learning if not forever, then at least for a while. 

I have some exciting things planned for you today. I hope you all managed to get hold of the things you need to make Chocolate Rocks! If not, don't worry, you could do it at the weekend. Or you  can  just watch the videos to learn all about it.

Enjoy your day today and I will see you all tomorrow! Don't forget your PE kit!


Today we are going changing our maths theme and we are going to move on to thinking about Multiplication and Division. 

We will still need all the skills, methods and knowledge that we have gained so far this year so don't  forget them! Everything links together.


Our focus for today is to join your Year 2 learning with the Year  3 content so we will be focusing today upon understanding multiplication in terms of equal groups.



Describe the groups shown in the two trains.

The first train involves the numbers 8 and 3, What does the 8 represent? What does the 3 represent? 

 The 8 is the number in the carriage, the 3 is the number of carriages. So we have 3 equal groups of 8, 3 lots of 8 or 3 x 8.


The second train involves the numbers 4 and 5. What does the 4 represent? What does the represent? 

The 4 is the number of carriages and the 5 is the number of people in them. So we have 4 equal groups of 5, 4 lots of 5 ,or 4 x 5.


Watch the video lesson, it will help give you some more ideas about how multiplication can be seen as equal groups.

Now complete the tasks.

You will need some equipment to  help you build your equal groups - I know you don't have our normal equipment with you at home so you could use sweets, pasta, pennies, buttons, small pieces of paper, cars, Lego or anything else you have handy. 

This is an example of the task for you to see how to complete it. I used Smarties to build it!

Silver Task - choose a multiple of the 2, 3, 5 or 10 times table, e.g. 12. Create the calculation in words e.g. 3 lots of 4. Then complete the diagram

Gold - Choose a multiple of the 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 times table e.g. 24. Then create the calculation in words e.g. 8 lots of 3. Then complete the diagram.

Theme - English

Today you need to try to plan your newspaper article and if possible you need to bring your plan back to school on Thursday as it will help you to write your own newspaper. 


We are going to complete a boxed up plan to help you to organise your ideas. 

As you know we are going to use the structure and organisation of the existing newspaper about Earthquakes to help us to write our own newspaper about an eruption of the Volcano Popocatepetl. We will  then be able to use this to warn (SHHH!) Agent M about the dangers of where he is. 

The boxed up plan has three columns. 

Use the planning column to help you organise your ideas into themed paragraphs. Keep an eye on the purpose of each paragraph to make sure you are gathering the right information into the right box.


This planning helps you to organise your thinking into paragraphs. 


You DON'T need to write in sentences.


Just notes, include the vocabulary that you collected yesterday into  the boxes where you think it would be most useful, create some good sentence openers/starters, put the relevant facts that you have learnt about volcanoes into the right box etc. 


There are two versions of the plan below - one with and one without lines - it is up to you which version you would like to use. 

Number Magic

Today you are going to practise your skills of creating a summary of what you have read.

So, your job is to create a summary of 'Meerkat Mail' the book we received in the post yesterday, the book you were lucky enough to listen to Emily Gravett read on the video. 


If you need to go back and listen to the story again and make brief notes to help.


Remember a summary is when you write a paragraph outlining the main ideas of the story - it is not a full blown retelling. It should be written in your own words and should be shorter than the story itself.


I have posted an activity sheet to help you with this summary if you would like to use that, but those of you who are amazing readers and writers could create the summary 'freestyle'. 

Science - Rocks

Today we  are going to learn about three different types of Rock they are:


Metamorphic and



Watch the BBC Bite size video to help you learn a little more.

If you log into SIMS and use your SIMS ID to log in to Espresso there is a great video and other activities linked to Rocks that you should also take a look at. Use the images below to help you find it. 


When you have watched the videos to get a clear idea of the what the three different types of rock are scroll down to find out how to make Chocolate Rocks. 

Search in the Search bar at the top of the page for Types of Rock

How to make Chocolate Rocks


Today I am asking you to practise learning the Spanish Alphabet and also to practise some of the words and phrases you have already learnt at school.


There are lots of links below click on each one and they will help you with your pronunciation and give you a reminder of how to say some of  the words.

If you then log in to SIMS using your SIMS ID on the school website. 

Choose Espresso and then use the guide below to find lots of videos of Spanish Children using the greetings we have practised at school. 

Search for Spanish in the Search Bar

Then choose the Spanish Resource Box - Greetings

Then choose Greetings - try the video vault and an of the other activities in this section.

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