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Dear Year 2,

We hope you are enjoying the books you have been set on Bug Club.  This week you have all been allocated a new book.  When you read through the book, look out for punctuation that might give you a clue as to the intonation or expression you should use. Remember to pause when you come to a comma and a full stop. If the book contains speech, can you use different voices for each of the characters?  If there are any words, you do not understand the meaning of you could use a dictionary to look them up. Below is the link to an online dictionary.


This week’s books are:

Yellow: Shaun the Sheep: What a Mess!

Green: Wallace and Gromit and the Soccamatic

Orange: The Penguins of Madagascar: A Kipper for Skipper

Turquoise: Pete's Peculiar Pet Shop: Just the Job

Purple: Sharma Family: Best Birthday Ever!

Gold: The Pirate and the Potter Family: Sick as a Parrot

White: Sinbad and the Valley of Diamonds

Lime: About Earth



This week your reading comprehension task is all about Mark Beaumont a famous cyclist.

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