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The English Civil War- Virtual Museum

This week for theme, we are setting you a creative challenge. We will be doing this across 2 theme sessions, so you might choose to do two smaller pieces or one big project that you spend the week making, doing a bit of each day. The choice is yours.

We would like you to produce a piece of work to teach others all about the Battle of Worcester and/or the English Civil War. You can choose any area that we have learned about this term to write about and present. We have attached some useful sites that you might like to use to help your research. But also use the information that you have learned so far this term.

For example, you may choose to write about:

 · What a cavalier or roundhead soldier would’ve worn

 · Weapons used during the English Civil War

· Information about Cromwell or King Charles I/ II

· A timeline of the key events

· A map with information about the main battles

· Information on the battle of Worcester


Try to be as creative as you can be. Remember to think about how to present the information in an exciting way that will attract someone’s attention. It needs to be informative but also interesting and attention grabbing. You might for example create a life-sized labelled collage of a soldier in uniform or make a map showing the key events of the battle of Worcester. Maybe you could make a PowerPoint presentation or a quiz? Perhaps it could be a video you’ve made showing locations that were important during the Battle of Worcester or a challenge that people have to complete? Alternatively, you might decide to produce a model or paint a portrait of Cromwell?

Our aim is to then use your exhibits to create our own Year 4 virtual museum that you can all explore so you can find out even more about the English Civil War.

Have fun! We can’t wait to see the wonderful things that you produce.

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