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w/c 11.6.21


This week we would like you to watch at least 3 of the videos below and then write some sentences which you could use in your diary entries, using the grammar terms from the videos. 


Expanded noun phrases

EXAMPLE: Today has been the most exhausting day ever!


Subordinating conjunctions

EXAMPLE: My heart nearly stopped when I saw what had happened.



EXAMPLE: I stumbled down the road, worrying what my mum would say when I arrived home.



EXAMPLE: What a ridiculous man the Hatter is; he talks nonsense and was very rude to me.



EXAMPLE: Its was shocking (and I mean shocking, diary) when you know who walked in!

This week we have provided chapter 4 of ALice in Wonderland for you to read or listen to.


Chapter 4 - The rabiit sends in a little Bill

Audio version - Chapter 4

There is a battle on Timestable Rockstars if you wish to take part.


We have now come to an end of our current topic of angles.  For homework this week, we would like you to produce a poster/leaflet explaining everything that you have learnt about angles over the last 4 weeks. This can be done on a computer (Word, PowerPoint) or by hand. You can make this as creative as you would like. If you choose to do this online, you must email your finished work to your class teachers' home learning email. Alternatively, if you choose to do this by hand, please give your poster to your class teacher. Remember to use key vocabulary when explaining what you have learnt! (corners,points,vertices,interior,exterior,2D, and many more!)

Below is a recap of the topics we have covered.

  • Angles on a straight line
  • Angles in triangles
  • Angles around a point 
  • Angles in quadrilaterials
  • Angles in Polygons
  • How to draw shapes accurately
  • How to use a protractor
  • Missing angles


We look forward to seeing what you create!

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