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Wednesday 3rd February

Today is Wednesday!laugh

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Take a moment today to find a relaxing place, sit comfortably and... 



Click the link below and complete the handwriting warm up exercise. Then watch the video below and complete the handwriting activities for today. 

Handwriting Video

Still image for this video


On Thursday and Friday we will be reading a non-fiction book about coral reefs. For today's activity, we would like you to look at the pictures on the task, and write questions you have about coral reefs. Use the pictures for inspiration.  


Today is P.E day!laugh  Your P.E. lesson for today is a 'Real P.E.' lesson, which is the scheme we use at school.

Below, you will find the Year 2 log in details for the Real P.E. website. We would like you to log on and select the 'Cat' Theme today. This goes very well with our Story 'Toto the Ninja Cat'. 


Today we would like you to do create another story mountain, BUT this time you are going to be creating a story mountain for YOUR story. You need to have a think about what will happen in your story. What feature will one of the animals get? How will they get the feature? What will the problem be? Why does the other animal not get that feature?

You then need to plan your story using a story mountain. You need to see if you can identify the key parts of your story. Just as you did for 'How the birds got their colours'. The key parts to think about are:


  • The opening 
  • The build up 
  • The problem
  • The resolution 
  • The ending


We would also like you to have a think about the characters that are in the story and what your title will be, e.g. How the leopards got their spots'.


This week we are going to continue learning all about statistics. Remember, statistics is all to do with collecting, presenting and discussing data. 

Today we are going to be reading and interpreting data from tally charts. Choose your task below using your self-assessment and complete the questions based on the tally chart.

Number Magic  

For today's number magic warm up we would like you to spend 10 minutes playing Times Tables Rock Stars. Have fun earning your class points in the battle! 


Today's number magic challenge is the same style of question as Monday and Tuesday's challenge. However, this time I haven't drawn the bar model for you!

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