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The Curly Wurly Challenge - World Record Attempt

One of the challenges that Mr Cadbury asked us to complete this term was to attempt to break the World Record for stretching a Curly Wurly.


The current World Record for the longest Curly Wurly stretched in three minutes is 426.2 cm (13 ft 11 in) and was achieved by Tracy Jane Sullivan (UK), in Frome, Somerset, UK, on 22 November 2015.


We were all very optimistic when set the challenge, until we worked out just how far this was!


We used our understanding of a fair test to make sure that everyone had the same chance to achieve the record. We used our skills of teamwork, adaptability, perseverance and communication to help us to achieve our goal. We also practised our measuring skills. Each team had 2 attempts!


Unfortunately, we were unable to stretch it quite as far as the record - the winning team achieved just under 100cm (1m)

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