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Monday 1st February 2021

We know that things aren't easy right now.  We know that you miss your friends and school and we miss you!  At times like this a little kindness can go a long way. Below are some ideas and activities that will help you to show kindness to others and yourself and spread a little happiness. 


This week in Maths we are starting a new theme - statistics. We did some work on this at the beginning of the year within our 'Chocolate Challenge' theme.  This week we will be learning about pictograms and bar charts.  There are teaching notes that accompany the video and have some extra challenges on. Watch today's video in the Video Resource Centre - 'Maths Monday Statistics', before choosing and completing a task.

Whole Class Reading

This activity should take about half an hour. If you have worked really hard and have given some in depth answers but haven't finished, stop - we are looking for quality.

If you didn't finish the task on Friday then complete that before you start this one. 


Today we are going to continue to read the Snow Queen character description again. You have already begun to look at the key features within it to help you to write your own, in English. Today in reading we are going to continue look at the authors word choices and break it down into our line by line analysis. Your job is to listen to the Video in the Video Resource Centre, to pause it after each question and write down your answer. Think really deeply about what the author is trying to say. 



Number Magic
Theme/English - Character description

Today we are going to think really deeply about the character Starjik. 

Having read two Chapters of the book we still know very little about him as a character. 


We know his name strikes fear into the hearts of those who hear it and that he rides in a sled pulled by wolves. We also know he sneaks into villages in the winter, in the night and in the morning a child is gone!

But that is pretty much it. 


So we think we need to create a character description for the author which he can 'drop in' to his book to help to bring Starjik alive a little more. 


Before you write the description you need to have a very clear image in your head as to what Starjik looks like.  That is what we are going to do today. Later in the week you will be  drawing a realistic portrait of Starjik in art, today we are going to use images and different word classes to build up a word picture of Starjik, his personality and his appearance.


You will need to watch the video in the Video Resource Centre to find out what to do. 


Below you will find a resource sheet to support your thinking. You don't need to print it off. 

Word Mat to support Getting to Know Starjik!

Online Dictionary and Thesaurus


This week we are continuing our work on prefixes and will be looking at the prefixes 'sub-' and 'anti-'.  Read the teaching notes and then complete the task.


If we were at school then this afternoon we would be taking part in an hour long PE session. 

It is very important that you take a break from the other school activities and get active. There are some suggestions here to help you develop particular PE based skills, but if you have other ideas  - such as long walk , bicycle ride, basket ball game then please do that instead, or as well!


Below you will find a link to the This is PE website - complete Lesson 3 - Throwing for accuracy and Lesson 5  - Balloon Blasting.


If you would like to have another go at last weeks challenges then take a look again at Lesson 1, 2 or 6  - I know lots of you found these fun. 

We have also included a link to some Cosmic Yoga as we know lots of you like to do that, as well as the link for Maths on the Move. 

You could also complete a Joe Wicks PE lesson if you wish. 

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