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Week Six

Hi Year 1,


We hope you enjoyed the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and had a go at creating your imaginary world. We have loved hearing all about them over the phone, if you haven’t heard from your teacher they will be calling this week to learn about all the exciting things you are up to!


The Year 1 team have been very busy this week; Mrs Grindrod has taken up running and has managed to run for 25 minutes without stopping. She is showing excellent perseverance as she would much rather be in a dance studio! Miss Tinley has been reading lots of books, enjoying the sunshine, and has even seen Cygnets on her daily walk. Ms James has had lots of fun in her new paddling pool, she has also been gardening again this week, and her irises are blossoming beautifully!  Mrs Davies has also been running, and has been making lots of delicious cheesecake and rocky road delights. Miss Jones has been busy growing 3 different types of chilli. Miss Davis has also been gardening with her sister, reading and practising on her keyboard. Mr Miles has read 9 books! We hope you have also been doing lots of reading!


We would love to see what activities you have been up to this week, you can share these with us on twitter @lyppardYear1 or @lyppardschool.



Year 1 Team


Part 1 - Mrs Merrylegs introduces this week's writing task

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Part 2

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We would like you to write your own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. You must have a beanstalk in your story but you can change the characters and what happens at the end. There is a writing plan to help you think of your ideas before you write your story.
Ms James has made a video showing you how to draw a face with a pencil. Can you draw the face of a character that will be in your story?

How to draw a face by Ms James

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This week we would like you to recap the graphemes wh, ph, aw and au.


Addition - adding by counting on


In the spring term, children learnt how to add by counting on from a given number. They should understand that addition is commutative and that it is more efficient to start from the largest number. Make sure that your child does not include their start number when counting on.


Here are some questions you could ask your child when solving addition problems:

  • What number did you start with? Then what happened? Now what do you have?
  • What does each number represent?
  • How can you represent counting on using practical equipment? How can you represent counting on using a number line?
Useful videos for your child to watch

Learning through play ideas to help your child practise adding by counting on

Daily Maths


We have allocated each child two books on bug club. Remind your child to click on the bugs and answer the questions.

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