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Thursday 28th January 2021


This week we are joining the letters 'si'.  Follow the video. Handwriting lined paper is available to download below.

Handwriting si.mp4

Still image for this video

Real P.E.

Today we would like you to work on your ball chasing skills.  Once you have logged on click on the icon below and follow the activities.


Username: Year36501

Password: million6105

Number Magic

This activity should last about one hour including the video.

Today we are going to continue to focus upon subtraction within money. Watch the video (Money Maths Day 9) and join in when asked. 

Then complete the tasks listed below.

Whole Class Reading/Rapid Writing

Our text ended at the point where Ivan was holding onto the tree and the wolves were waiting for him to fall.

See the document below to remind you of the final scene.

This happens to be the point in the story that appears on the front cover. 

Today we would like you to take part in some Rapid writing - which will also help to develop your ability to make predictions based upon what you have read so far. 

Before you start, think about a few questions: - Why is Ivan in the Forest, alone? Where is he going? Why? Why is he up the tree? What will happen next and then what will happen after that? How will Ice Palace end? How does the title fit with what is happening here? What will happen to Starjik? Will Ivan ever find his brother? 


Your task today is to imagine you are Robert Swindells and write the rest of the story of the Ice Palace. This is Rapid writing so we you need you to concentrate and spend between 30 and 40 minutes creating a quality piece. Focus upon the answers to the question above to give you some ideas. 

Remember to accurately punctuate your sentences and to use adjectives, similes and other powerful vocabulary to really bring the story alive. 




Last week you listened to a piece of music called 'Peter and the Wolf' which was a composition about Peter's journey.  This week we would like you to create your own composition based on Ivan's journey so far.  Think about what has happened to Ivan, how he sneaked out of his home, followed tracks in the snow, was chased by wolves and had to hang from a tree to stop the circling wolves from attacking him.  Use your knowledge of musical instruments to effectively choose an instrument to represent Ivan and the wolves.  Try to use tempo and pitch to show how Ivan is feeling throughout his journey e.g. you may use a drum to show how Ivan's heart beat changes from slow to fast during his travels, or create a faint sound for the wolves that gets louder as they near.  You should use 2 sequence on Purple Mash to create your compositions.  There are some example videos that you can watch which will help you to use the software, or you may wish to explore it yourself.


This week in our 'Celebrating differences' unit we will be looking at conflict and how by using the 'Solve it together' technique we  can resolve conflicts.

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